Elisabaeth Sehi

President of community women’s group

tehi_elisabaeth_06_09_16Elisabaeth Sehi, president of the Téllabli community’s women’s group, shares how income generating activities have helped women in their day to day lives.

“Before introducing the Income Generating Activities (IGA) with the help of ICI, a group of women existed in Téllabli. Women used to organize activities, but we lacked the capacity for the kind of works in the fields that ask for a lot of strength, like cutting or clearing the lands, tasks reserved for men. As a result, women were limited in carrying out their work.

Thanks to the IGAs and to ICI’s support, a Community Service Group (CSG) was created to execute the tasks that need the intervention of men to help women. The group was equipped by the ICI Foundation and we don’t have any workforce problems anymore. We women are happy to benefit help from men and thank ICI and all those who help the group of women and the Community Service Group to work together to successfully implement our Income Generative Activities.”

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