Kadiatou Kone

President of women's association

kone_kadiatou_06_09_16Before we started this project, we didn’t know that in order to produce more, cassavas should be planted in rows. When the women’s group was created to perform Income Generating Activities (IGA), we got a training from ICI. Mr Camara showed us how to plant cassavas (1 meter of interval and 1 meter on the rows).

The women’s group of the Teady community followed the method learned during the training, and this has made us very proud. The cooperative CANK offered us one hectare of cassava cuttings, that we planted in rows, just like what we learned thanks to the ICI. Now it is nice to see how well the cassavas grow. The whole village visits our cassava field and the villagers are surprised to see the women from Teady use a different method to plant this culture. We women are very happy about the training we received thanks to ICI.

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