Kwadjo Cléophas Mally

WAO-Afrique Director

3b-cleophas-mally“In 2016, we are at a pivotal moment for the execution of our strategic plan and the implementation of the commitments made by all the partners, in particular concerning the schooling and vocational training of children in cocoa-growing areas.

No country can achieve emergence without placing education at the centre of its priorities. That is why at ICI we undertake to raise the awareness of this, and mobilise the governments of both Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire, as well as the cocoa-growing communities, and the chocolate industries to do more. All these stakeholders must step up their efforts so that the goal of providing quality education for all children, and especially for girls, is achieved by 2020 in all the areas in which ICI operates. ICI’s goal of tackling child labour is dependant on this.”

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