Kwankyeabo – Kwadwo Larbi

Cocoa farmer

Kwadwo_kwankyeabo_tm“My name is Kwadwo Larbi, I am a cocoa farmer and resident of Kwankyeabo. Before ICI project came to our community I used to spray my cocoa farm without any protective clothing and for longer hours. At least I spray 2 bottles of chemicals alone and did not wash or rinse the cloth I wore to apply the chemicals. I used to experience severe headache, dizziness, stomachache and serious itching after the chemical application.

Through the awareness raising conducted by the ICI and CCPC, I decided to implement the teachings. Since then all the effects I used to experience have stopped. I now do not spend longer hours spraying my farm. I spray ½ a bottle early in the morning and continue the following day.

I also change my clothes immediately after spraying, and wash myself thoroughly before searching for food. I can boldly say the awareness raising has positively impacted on my life and other cocoa farmers in my community.”

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