Simon Ahianor

Community Child Protection Committee member

Simon_ahianor_TMSimon Ahianor is a member of his local Community Child Protection Committee. Here he tells of how a donation from a US based school helped refurnish the local primary school, raising attendance in the process.

“Prior to the provision of furniture for the Nsata Mangoase D/A primary school, students struggled to find a place to sit in school. Some of the children sat on the floor and others under trees. Others had to stand throughout school time and continued for two years. Through ICI, Montclair Kimberley Academy donated $1000 to our school. It was used to acquire furniture to facilitate effective teaching and learning in our school. The children now feel happy in the class and are learning comfortably because every child has his or her own desk. It has improved their performance in school. Children who are usually absent themselves with the excuse of not having desks have all returned to school happily to learn.”

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