Sylvain Kouakou Konan

President of CCPC

jeankouameko_06_09_16“My commitment in this project is for the children of our village. As the President of the Community Children Protection Committee (CCPC) and a member of the community development, implemented by Vision for Change (V4C), has reinforced our community’s determination about school. There is a perfect collaboration between the parents living in the village and the neighbouring communities. Thanks to the ICI, our village will be able to fulfil its dream and build three classrooms with brand new desks.

There was a time during the rainy season, the bridge was flooded and the children had to swim to reach the school. We were always worried. Some parents had to take their children out of the school system. Our needs in terms of schooling keep growing. However, thanks to this project, we will open three new classrooms for the next school year. Between the start of the MOD project with Mars until today, the school system has changed a lot. The total number of pupils has gone up from 33 in 2014-2015 to 72 in 2015-2016. That is to say an increase of 39 pupils. Today, because of the lack of space, in some classes three or four students have to sit at the same desk.

Our community’s dream and mine today is to see the school expand, to build the three classrooms, to find more teachers appointed by the State, with decent housing.”

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