The International Cocoa Initiative promotes child protection in cocoa-growing communities. We work to ensure a better future for children and their families.

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2018-05-15 12:35:29
Ghana launches Phase II of Action Plan for the elimination of child labour

GNANANEWSONLINE.COM- As part of activities to scale up efforts in the fight against child labour, Ghana has launched the Phase II National Plan of Action (NPA II) for the elimination of child labour. Read More

2018-05-14 10:02:07
Central data system needed for monitoring child labour interventions

The International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) has called for a central coordination of data by public and private institutions to ensure efficient implementation of child labour interventions. It, therefore, called for more collaboration between the private and public sectors to ensure child labour monitoring and remediation systems that would feed data into the national database to increase the depth, utility and visibility of national statistics on child labour. Read More

2018-05-14 09:53:06

Ghana has led efforts in the development of a new global standard for sustainable cocoa and this is aiding image pricing of its cocoa on world markets. The standard has been adopted by the International Standards Organization (ISO) and is used internationally to measure cocoa quality level, says Professor Alex Dodoo, Director-General of the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA). Read More

2018-05-11 16:16:10
WCF launches expanded flavor quality training for Ghana cocoa farmers

The World Cocoa Foundation and Ghana Cocoa Board today announced plans to expand their joint efforts to preserve the historic flavor of Ghanaian cocoa. An agreement signed by the two parties lays out new investment plan, over a four-year period (2018 – 2021), under the World Cocoa Foundation’s African Cocoa Initiative. Read More

2018-05-11 14:27:27
ICI Intensifies Child Protection Strategy

The International Cocoa Initiative (ICI), together with stakeholders, has launched the second phase of the National Plan of Action (NPA) 2 on the Worst Forms of Child Labour to improve activities to protect children. The comprehensive plan, which was outdoored at Okonam, a cocoa growing community in Suhum in the Eastern Region, seeks to sensitize the public on child protection, build capacity, ensure effective provision and monitor social services and empowerment programmes and sustain action against child labour. Read More

2018-05-10 15:17:18
Mars Calls On Industry To Collaborate, Innovate Sustainable Cocoa

According to Frank Mars, a member of the Board of Directors of Mars Wrigley,  the best way to achieve promising results of growing cocoa and improving farmer income is for all stakeholders in the cocoa industry to think differently and work harder together; not only on better plant varieties and farming practices and models, but also on pest and disease control. Read More

2018-05-10 15:04:38
Mars Wrigley to improve cocoa yields through disease control

Confectionery giant Mars Wrigley is hoping to triple its global cocoa production over the next ten years, in part through the development of better disease resistant cocoa varieties, according to board member Frank Mars. Read More

2018-05-10 14:48:45
Ghana and China partner for a $60 million Cocoa Processing Factory

Ghana and China are working to establish a $60million Cocoa Processing Factory as part of plans to increase local processing of cocoa and boost consumption, Mr Joseph Boahen Aidoo, the Chief Executive Officer of COCOBOD, said on Wednesday. Read More

2018-05-08 07:45:32
Chocolate’s sustainability challenge

In the 1970s and 1980s, when multinational firms first linked sustainability to business success, the chief catalyst was vulnerability, not altruism. Consumer pressure, political boycotts and costly lawsuits were damaging companies’ bottom lines, and environmental policies helped shield companies from bad publicity and protect shareholders from painful losses. Read More

2018-05-08 07:42:24
MPs end capacity building training on child labour

About 25 Parliamentarians and Clerks from the Parliamentary Select Committee on Employment, Social Welfare and State Enterprises have ended a three day capacity building training workshop on the subject of child labour in Cocoa production in Ghana. Read More

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